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Classification Unit DL200A-2
Operating Weight kg 11444
Engine Rated Power (Gross) kW/rpm 121/2100
Engine Rated Power (Net) kW/rpm 121/2100
Engine Max Power (Gross) kW/rpm 121/2100
Engine Max. Toque (Gross) N.m / rpm 638/1400
Travel Speed Forward
(1 / 2 / 3 / 4)
km / h 7.5/13.3/23.1/36.2
Travel Speed Reverse
(1 / 2 / 3)
km / h 7.9/13.9/24.2
Front Speed (Raise / Dump / Lower) sec 5.7/1.4/3.9
Bucket Capacity
m3 1.9 BOT
Dump Height at 45Deg mm 2690
Dump Reach at 45Deg mm 1070
Overall Length mm 7445
Overall Height mm 3240
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DL200A-7M is ready to push the boundaries of the performance. Limitless engine power, amplified by impressive torque. Athletic balance and precise steering harmonized with power to work energetically. Feel the pure thrill of total performance.

Quality & Durability

Because the operator knows that the DOOSAN loader is a tough, reliable, product with large power reserves, it can be relied on to work for long periods. For DOOSAN, reliability means above all durability, availability, accessibility and simplicity.


DL200A-7M offers features which meet both emotional and technical needs for operator. To procure intuitive command center for a performance, all machine interfaces are ergonomically positioned within easy reach. Its functional and intuitive in-and-out design delivers you comfort and total control.

Strength and Intelligence

With tremendous lift height and capacity, along with enough torque to bite into the toughest materials, Doosan wheel loaders go a step beyond scooping, carrying and loading. It’s your ticket to making harder work easier, longer days more enjoyable, and every minute more productive and profitable.


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