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Classification Unit DL250A
Operating Weight ton 15.1
Bucket Capacity
m3 2.4
Engine Rated Power (Gross) kW(HP) / rpm 127(169) / 2200
Engine Max. Toque (Gross) N.m / rpm 687 / 1300
Travel Speed Forward
(1 / 2 / 3 / 4)
km / h 7.1 / 11.9 / 23.4 / 36.4
Travel Speed Reverse
(1 / 2 / 3)
km / h 7.5 / 12.5 / 24.5
Front Speed (Raise / Dump / Lower) sec 5.7 / 1.3 / 3.5
Tire Size 20.5-25-16PR (L3)
Dump Height at 45Deg mm 2715
Dump Reach at 45Deg mm 1145
Overall Length mm 7575
Overall Width mm 2740
Overall Height mm 3320
Breakout Force kN 120
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Refined interior with enhanced legroom and extendable storage space guarantees a serene ride to you. A more orderly interior Equipped with high-class designed upholstery and thoroughly changed comfort accessories. This ensures operator to have a clear and uncluttered workplace at all times.


Dual line-up of mechanical and electronical engine gives you the further choices to fit your need. Various attachments including high lift and counterweight option prepared for various field of works. Power, and athletic balance of Superior hydraulic system harmonized with features to work efficiently.


Do more with less fuel. Working modes and power modes provided for constantly changing working conditions. Adjusts the mode depending on the situation, for either fuel efficiency or performance. Lock-Up function to fully and effectively deliver the whole engine power.


With helpful features including grouped filters and greasing points. Multiple hand rails and platforms offered for safe maintenance access, checks can be carried out faster and machine uptime will increase.


DL250A-7M was developed with longevity front of mind. Obsessive engineering and countless tests have proved DL250A-7M’s superior quality and durability to make an equipment you can count on to cope with the most demanding work environments. Its functional and intuitive in-and-out design delivers you comfort and total control.


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