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Classification Unit DL420-5CVT
Operating Weight (EUST) kg(lb) 23,080(50,883)
Operating Weight (NAST) kg(lb) 22,760(50,177)
Engine Rated Power (Gross) kW(HP) / rpm 232(311)/1,800
Engine Rated Power (Net) kW(HP)/rpm 232(311)/1,800
MAX.Power (Gross) kW(HP)/rpm 232(311)/1,800
MAX.Torque (Gross) N.m(lbf.ft)/rpm 1,830(1,350)/1,200
System Pressure (Work/Steer) bar(psi) 310(4,496)/200(2,901)
Travel Speed Reverse
(1 / 2 / 3 / 4)
km/h(MPH) 7.2/13.6/19.7/38.3
Travel Speed Reverse
(1 / 2 / 3)
km/h(MPH) 7.2/13.7/19.7(4.5/8.5/12.2)
Front Speed (Raise / Dump / Lower) sec 6.0/1.7/3.0
Tire Size 26.5R25(L3)
Bucket Capacity (SAE Heaped) EUST) m3(yd3) 4.0(5.2) BOT
Bucket Capacity (SAE Heaped) NAST) m3(yd3) 4.2(5.5) BOC
Dump Height AT (EUST) mm(ft in) 2,945(9’8”)
Dump Height AT (NAST) mm(ft in) 3,075(10’1”)
Dump Reach AT (EUST) mm(ft in) 1,380(4’6”)
Dump Reach AT (NAST) mm(ft in) 1,240(4’1”)
Overall Length(EUST) mm(ft in) 8,910(29’3”)
Overall Length(NAST) mm(ft in) 8,720(28’7”)
Overall Width (Extended) mm(ft in) 3,270(10’9”)
Overall Height mm(ft in) 3,535(11’7”)
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Top Fuel Efficiency & Productivity
Exceptional power – combined with the finest workmanship – results in a machine that performs as Best in Segment.

Reliability, The habit of a lifetime
Doosan has been building heavy construction equipment for 40 years. This valuable experience is reflected in the superior design and development of our wheel loaders. Plus, our standard machines include a wide range of features at no extra cost.

Operating in Comfort
The productivity of your wheel loader is directly linked to the operator’s performance. That’s why Doosan has placed comfort at the very centre of its design priorities for the DL420-5 CVT. More space, better visibility, a high comfortable seat, and plenty of storage space make it easy to work for hours without fatigue or discomfort. And there’s no need to pay extra for the options you want – most of them are standard features on this loader!

Easy Maintenance
Short maintenance operations at long intervals mean you can depend on your equipment being available on-site when it’s needed. Our machines are designed for simple routine maintenance, while skilled Doosan technicians are available to provide extra support when you need it.

Maximum Safety and Controllability
Power alone is not enough – for maximum efficiency, it needs to be matched by precise control. Our unique range of features allows every operator to get the most out of these impressive machines. Safety is crucial to your company and your employees – so, Doosan machines feature large platforms, hand-rails, and 2 emergency exits,with maintenance performed from the ground.


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