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Classification Unit DL420A-7M
Operating Weight ton 24.91
Bucket Capacity
m3 4.18
Engine Rated Power (Gross) kW(HP) / rpm 218 / 2000
Engine Max. Toque (Gross) N.m / rpm 1300 / 1200
Travel Speed Forward
(1 / 2 / 3 / 4)
km / h 7.5 / 12.6 / 26.9 / 38.8
Travel Speed Reverse
(1 / 2 / 3)
km / h 7.5/12.6/26.9
Front Speed (Raise / Dump / Lower) sec 6.0/1.7/2.8
Tire Size 26.5X25(L3)
Dump Height at 45Deg mm 2,950
Dump Reach at 45Deg mm 1,365
Overall Length mm 8,985
Overall Width mm 3,200
Overall Height mm 3,660
Breakout Force kN 198
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From the beginning, Doosan has had great concern for machine operators. People need to work in a well-designed and comfortable environment. The work area is spacious, with several places for storage. The checking and monitoring devices are comprehensive. There is an open view of the work area. For night work, operators are provided with powerful front and rear lighting.

The DL420A is a machine that delivers a powerful, highly effective force, offering superior penetration of the hardest materials. The exceptional drawbar pull at the wheels, is reinforced further by providing limited-slip differentials as standard equipment. The engine offers high power and torque characteristics. As a result, the hydraulic system is able to multi-function with power and speed.

Every morning, when the operators commence work, they know that things will go smoothly- because Doosan has taken care of it. The product is soild. Operators know that they have significant reserves at hand and that they won’t have to push the machine to its limit. The Doosan wheel loader is designed and built to last. For Doosan, ‘reliable’ means availability, accessibility and simplicity.

Short, simple maintenance operations at long intervals increase the availability of the equipment on site. DOOSAN has developed the DL420A with a view to high profitability for its user. A detailed design of each detail guarantees optimum reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

DOOSAN Powerful and Reliable Mechanical Engine
Our many years of experience in engine design and production have resulted in the emergence of a highly efficient and very powerful engine that boasts the highest power in its class. Doosan in-house mechanical E/G has advantage of easy maintenance and low maintenance cost.


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