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FSM – Fines Recovery

  • Incorporates a Feed Stacker with bespoke hopper
  • 16’X5’ FreeFlow flip flow screen, over-band and head pulley magnets, air knives and material classifier
  • Creates 6+ fractions including; ferrous metal, inert fines, clean hardcore and RDF
  • Create products that meet stringent specifications
  • Fines Recovery
  • Fully adjustable components such as fan speed, belt speed, screening angle, screen media etc
  • Ability to handle a diverse range of materials
  • Ten stage separation process
  • Compact modular design – fits easily within existing systems
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A unique combination of equipment designed to maximise the recovery of material from the waste stream whilst reducing transfer station’s operating costs. Incorporating a ten stage separation process that combines mechanical screening with “Light V Heavy” material recovery and magnetic technology; the EDGE FSM Fines Recovery plant minimizes the volume of material going to landfill.
This unique separation process provides operators with clean sellable hardcore product, inert fines, ferrous metal and a clean lights product suitable for RDF from trommel fines.

This new concept consists of a mobile or static feed stockpiler with bespoke hopper, our new Flip Flow screen, a selection of over-band and magnetic head drum magnets, blowers and our new Material Classifier. The FSM Fines Recovery plant is another example of EDGE Innovate providing solutions to meet the ever-changing demands placed on recycling facilities.


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