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Mobile Cone Crushers

We understand your exacting aggregate product quality demands; Sandvik Hydrocone and S-type gyratory mobile cone crusher series can help you meet the challenges you face on a daily basis. Our mobile cone crushers are ideal for providing you the highest quality end products to maximize your bottom line.

Model Equipment Weight kg (lbs) Optimum feed size mm (in.)
QH441 Mobile hydrocone crusher CH440 50,488 (111,307) 215 (8.5)
QH332 Mobile hydrocone crusher CH430 32,800 (72,312) 185 (7)
QS441 Mobile secondary cone crusher CH440 55,753 (122,914) 450 (17.75)
QS332 Mobile secondary cone crusher CS430 40,000 (88,185) 360 (14)
UH440i Mobile cone crusher CH440 49,440 (108,997) 215 (9)
US440i Mobile cone crusher CS440 54,440 (120,020) 450 (18)
US440E Mobile cone crusher CS440 84,000 (185,188) 450 (18)
UD440E Mobile unit CH440 116,000 (255,736) 215 (8.5)
UH640 Cone crusher CH660 84,000 (185,188) 235 (9.25)


Leading mobile cone crusher series – more of the valuable fractions

Our range of mobile cone crushers provides you with high-quality materials and excellent shape for secondary and tertiary crushing. Tried and tested solutions meeting any size reduction challenge offer the flexibility necessary to ensure that each model in the range can crush almost any application.

Our hydraulically adjusted Hydrocone crushers are robust and have an easy to service design with minimal operator intervention, making them not only versatile, but also easy to maintain. The vast range of chamber options and eccentric throw adjustments makes this one of the most versatile and trusted cone ranges on the market today.


Mobile cone crushers designed for flexibility

We know your applications, and we understand how quickly your needs can change; that’s why our mobile cone crushers are designed to offer you ultimate flexibility. Features such as the automatic setting regulation system and the remote camera and level sensor, enable you to monitor and optimize production in real time; the added advantage of tracking of liner wear will serve to minimize interruptions and downtime.

Offering large reduction ratios with minimal fines production, Sandvik mobile cone crushers are the ideal solution for secondary and tertiary crushing. Our market leading “S” type cones can accept a feed size up to 90% larger than current standard cones; they can even be run as primary crushers on gravel applications. High mobility and quick setup times help you start your projects on time, every time.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile cone crushers, we understand how you need to have that equipment work in harmony to provide the best possible end product. Our extensive time spent in the field enables us to more fully understand the challenges you face when it comes to crushing; to help you meet those challenges, we are constantly developing and improving our products.


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