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Open Sets


Quality engine and genuine parts
For durability and better performance, Everdigm generator sets are powered by reliable engine such as Doosan, MTU and cummins and only genuine parts are used for assuring the quality

Reliable alternator
Everdigm has own designed alternator and it is synchronous, four pole, 2/3pitch, revolving field and directly connected to the engine. And it is easy to alter the voltage by reconnection for 12-leads on terminal plate,
also the units can be run as single phase.

Cooling system
The engine is cooled with an itegral, unit mounted radiator, fan, water pump and closed coolant recovery system

Controller (EDGC-10)
Everdigm controller is designed to assist users easily to control generator malfunctioning and abnormal conditions.

Base-plate and anti vibration mounting
Everdigm generator set is mounted on a heavy duty steel base-plate to maintain alignment between components with bonded rubber anti-vibration units positioned between the engine and alternator support feet and the base plate.

Application Standby and Prime Use
Installation Indoor
Power raage 20 to 2300KVA
Ideal for House, Building, Factory


Optimum system configuration for the highest performance

High-tech injection and charging system
The state of the art high-tech injection and charging system are applied in order to achieve the excellent combustion and low fuel consumption.

Reliable high quality system
High quality electrical and cooling system and various support equipment’s are applied to improve the performance of products

High quality electricity
2/3 pitch winding is applied to minimize harmonic distortion and low frequency and over exciting protection device increases efficiency.

Perfect cooling system
Optimized coolant system by analysis of heating balance improves coolant efficiency in harsh environments.

Frequency regulation accuracy
The voltage regulator provides +1.0% regulation, under speed protection, stability adjustment to optimize transient performance.


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