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Classification Value and Unit
Model Weichai WP6G140E22
Type 4-cycle, direct injection, water-cooled
Gross Power 105 KW @ 2,200 rpm (140 hp)
No. of Cylinder 6
Operating Weight 11,600 kg
Aspiration Turbocharged
Bore x Stroke 105x130mm
Displacement 6.75L
Max. Torque 560N.m @ 1400-1600rpm

Power Train

Classification Value and Unit
Transmission Fixed-axis Type, Electro-hydraulic Control
Torque Converter Single-stage, Single-phase, Three Basic Elements
Rear Axle “No-spin” Anti-skid Differential
Tandem Drive Roller chain. Oscillating Angle:±15°
Tire 13-24PR12
Front Axle Solid bar construction with oscillation
about the central mounting pin
Oscillating Angle:±15°
Tilting Angle:±17°


Classification Value and Unit
Type Hydraulic power, replaceable cutting edges,
hardened cutting edges and end bits
Blade Length 3660mm
Blade Width 615mm
Blade Thickness 20mm
Blade Tip Angle 27-73°
Max. Cutting Depth 500mm
Max. Lifting Height 460mm
Blade Side Shift(left/right) 620/565mm
Max. Shoulder Reach(left/right) 1700/2000mm
Max. Tilting Angle ​(left/right) ±90°


Classification Value and Unit
Ripping Depth 254mm
Shank Holders 5\9
Shank Holder Spacing 400/200mm
Working Width 1865mm


Classification Value and Unit
Forward, 1-6 5.4\8.3\13.2\20.6\44km/h
Reverse, 1-3 5.4\13.2\29.6km/h


Classification Value and Unit
Tandem Pump Gear pump 28ml/r
Overflow Pressure for Working Equipment 18MPa


Classification Value and Unit
Fuel Tank 240L
Hydraulic Oil Tank 85L
Engine Crank Case 15L
Engine Coolant 26L

Operating Weight

Classification Value and Unit
Standard 11,600 kg.
With Rear Ripper 12,850 kg.
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Hi-Ro RG140 motor grader is highly functional with powered by Weichai Diesel Engine, 12ft moldboard and rear ripper


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