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Slayer X

  • Shredder area of 1.5m X 1.9m (5’X 6’3”) and hopper capacity of 3m³ (3.9yards³)
  • Intelligent self-protecting control system
  • Lowest maintenance cost grinder on the market
  • On-board load sensing diagnostics
  • Waste Shredder
  • Improved fuel efficiency with eco-power saving functionality
  • Low power consumption: 25-30ltr/hr (7-8 USG)
  • Unique shaft reversing function (while shredding)
  • 1400mm (55”) wide discharge conveyor providing a discharge height of 4.3m (14’1”)
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THE EDGE Slayer X slow speed, high torque waste shredder is probably the most versatile waste shredder on the market with its ability to be deployed as either a primary or secondary shredder due to its highly robust design, high throughput and superior resistance to difficult to shred material. The EDGE Slayer Series design is founded on the “two shafts are better than one principle”.
The twin shaft design provides exceptional intake behaviour, reduces traditional wrapping of material such as wires, plastics and long fibres and lends itself to less wear and longer life expectancy. This combined with impressive design features such as tramp metal cycles and intelligent load sensing insures against asset damage and downtime.

With up to 12 different shaft configurations, the Slayer X can be customised for optimum production in a huge range of applications including household waste, organic waste and construction and demolition waste. With a small footprint, high performance and great manoeuvrability, the Slayer X is the ideal shredding solution for operators with limited space but are still seeking a robust, durable and reliable slow speed shredder without having the capital outlay of an oversized unit.


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