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Sound-Proof Sets


Convenient refueling
Everdigm soundproof sets are built with large-capacity fuel tanks which deliver a minimum of 8 hours run time. This enables longer running times between refueling, thus reducing space requirements on site, and reduces operating costs.

Precise design for air inlet and exhaust system
We adopt the detailed design of the air inlet and the exhaust system to meet ventilation requirement under the different environments.

Ergonomical design of controller
EDGC-10 controller is a micro controller based generator control unit that is used to start and stop the Genset manually or via a remote start signal when in automatic mode. The device is designed to run and monitor system parameters to ensure fail safe Genset operation.

Easy maintenance
All daily maintenance requirements can be performed on both sides of the machine, and the wide doors provide easy access to all areas of the machine. external drain for oil, fuel and water are installed for convenience in performing routine maintenance.

Easy transportation
The sturdy soundproof steel bonnet on a strengthened welded steel skid base allows easy handling with a forklift.
The balance point lifting eye fitted on the roof of each machine facilitates easy transportation using a crane.

Application Standby and Prime Use
Installation outdoor
Power range 20 to 930KVA
Ideal for House, Building, Factory, Construction Area


Everdigm offers less vibration generator canopies for weather protection and sound attenuation with pleasant appearances, quality painting and completely enclosed exhaust systems.

Designed for weather protection
The canopy is made of heavy duty steel on strengthened welded frame and serves to protect
the equipment from inclement weather

Designed for sound attenuation
The canopy is composed of multi layered sound absorbing and fire resisting materials, significantly reduces the noise level.

– Special designed muffler, dramatically reduce the Genset’s ventilation noise perform quite running
– Use the sound-absorbing cotton and muffler to minimize the noise level.

Efficient ventilation system
Efficiently designed for the ventilation system, reduces the noise and effectively drops the power loss.


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