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TRM516 Mobile Trommel

  • Trommel screen barrel diameter of 1.54m (5’) X 4.9m (16’) long provides a screening area of 22yds²
  • Reduced wear cost and quick barrel exchange facilitated through a 4 wheel drive drum system
  • 180° radial fines conveyor with a discharge height of 5.3m (17’6”)
  • Intelligent load sensing to prevent barrel overload
  • Mobile Trommel Screen
  • Variable drum and feed conveyor speed with forward/reverse functionality
  • Improved fuel efficiency with eco-power saving functionality
  • Low power consumption: 12-15ltr/hr (3-4 US Gallons)
  • Hydraulic foldable end conveyors for quick transfer from operational to transport mode.
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The EDGE Innovate TRM516 trommel screen range has been designed for mid to large scale operations that may be constrained for space. Designed with durability in mind, the robust TRM516 trommel screen has proven capabilities in the recycling, composting and construction & demolition industries.

Thanks to design features such as the 4.9m (16’) long barrel, variable speed control and a feed conveyor with intelligent load sensing controls; the EDGE TRM516 trommel screen is able to produce top-quality fine materials such as compost, gravel, sand and topsoil with ease. Various mesh sizes and drum types are available for optimum screening performance.

By engineering a compact trommel with a radial discharge conveyor, the TRM516 mobile trommel has been able to maintain all the benefits of a side conveyor product with all the advantages of an end conveyor offering.


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